Agriculture & Biotech

Circuit board with analogue circuit, measuring tip and crocodile clip

Radio sensor for air pressure measurement


Organisation of the product development process and clarification of technical and non-technical requirements. Technology consulting on the measurement concept and radio technology for the overall system. Selection of components. Circuit design and PCB layout. Assembly of the prototypes.

Sorting plant for animal feed


Design and construction of a system for sorting raw materials on a conveyor belt. Implementation of optical quality detection by means of camera and image recognition in Open-CV. Optimisation of the time control for the selection by compressed air.

Wireless sensor network for herd monitoring


Design and conception of a wireless sensor network for monitoring large animal herds. Planning and design of the hardware components, network topology and individual network protocol.

DIY-climate control cabinet

2018, 2020

For Citizen Science and Biohacking Design and construction of a low-cost climate chamber based on easily available standard components. Programming of the control software to regulate all operating parameters. Web server that provides the measurement data and serves as an interface for controlling the climate chamber.

Sensor radio communication with LoRa modules


Design, construction and test of radio-networked sensors based on LoRa.

Non-contact ECG device for horses


Conception, implementation, construction and testing of a capacitive ECG device for contactless determination of the heart rate of horses.

Health & Rehabilitation

Clean Code - Programming code on screen with plant in the background

Software library for blockchain application


Implementation of a software library for creating and matching entries in a blockchain.

Device driver development


Implementation of a device driver according to ISO 18000. Programming of the database connection for the collected data.

Development of smart shoe sole


Further development of the electronics of an smart shoe sole. Accompaniment of the product development process, technology selection and project coordination.

Temperature sensor


Design, implementation, construction and testing of a temperature sensor with minimal need for a communication line and connection to a LabView measuring card.

Feasibility study: Re-design wheelchair loading robot


Analysis of system requirements and optimisation points. Feasibility study including hardware setup with control controller, CAN communication module, power supply and BDC motor driver. Programming of the control software.

Product development motion sensor


Advising on the further development of a medical product for motion detection. Consulting on business case and technical strategy. Technology selection, process organisation and supplier assessment in the Asian region.

ReMoD - Stimulation system to influence posture


Implementation of patent EP1721572 (device for posture and/or movement correction of body parts). Feasibility study, validation of functionality and production of small series for patient tests.


ILOCKIT electronic bike lock

Electronic development of the first fully automatic bicycle lock

2016 till date

Design, development and testing of the electronics of ILOCKIT, the innovative bicycle lock with Bluetooth connection by Haveltec GmbH. Production of prototypes. Further development, organisation and supervision of series production.

Non-contact sensor technology


Design, dimensioning and implementation of special electronic sensor technology that replaces mechanical limit switches in a device.

Prototyping of a digital passenger assistant


Planning of the system architecture and component selection. Programming of the LC display and the sensors for gesture recognition of CHRIS, the digital passenger assistant by German Auto Labs GAL GmbH.

Science & Laboratory

Circuit board with back-to-back transistor circuit, cable and inscription V1.0 www.ib-botos.de

Energy supply concept for mobile analyser


Innovation consulting incl. design, implementation and testing of a battery management system with 18650 battery modules for a mobile analysis device. Technology consulting and component selection, circuit design and PCB layout. Production of the prototypes. Programming of the embedded software and a program library for Arduino control.

Experimental set-up for experiments with ultrasound


Design and implementation of an experimental set-up. The aim is to analyse the behaviour of particles in liquids under the influence of ultrasound. Planning and production of all mechanical components as 3D prints.

Low-noise amplifier for measuring neuronal activity


Design, simulation, implementation and construction of a low-noise amplifier for measuring neuronal activity using EOSFETs.

Temperature sensor simulation


Simulation and investigation of a temperature sensor based on silicon diodes.

Manufacture of driver modules for laser diodes

2019, 2020

Optimisation and production of a small series of customised modules for operating laser diodes in a measuring apparatus.

Test bench for investigating the ageing of lithium-ion accumulators


Design, implementation, construction and testing of a test device for the characterisation of Li-Ion batteries, which is controlled by microcontrollers. Software programming for the visualisation of the automatic measurement data evaluation and the device control.

Laboratory apparatus for the electroporation of cells


Conception, implementation, construction and testing of the control and energy supply of a laboratory device for electroporation of cells. The laboratory device was presented at the 1st World Congress on Electroporation in Portoroz (Slovenia).


Round circuit board in cross tweezers and a hand with tweezers and electronic component for piezo signal transmitter

Driver circuit for piezo signal transmitter


Design, simulation, construction and test of a driver circuit for piezo disk-based signal transmitters. Verification of compliance with EMC guidelines. Organisation and monitoring of series production.

LED lighting with solar cells and smart controls


Design, construction and testing of a self-sufficient LED lighting system with solar cells as energy supply. Development of the intelligent control system.

Remote controlled locking system


Design, construction and programming of a locking system with remote control and remote monitoring.

LED strip display control


Design and implementation of a graphic driver for large-area and standard LED strip-based LED display. Optimisation of the display of geometric structures and visual effects.

Detection and location of an impacting object on a plate

2017, 2018

Design of a measurement system for exact object location when hitting a plate. Design of the measurement setup and evaluation of the measurement data using statistical analysis methods and machine learning (AI).


Two hands plugging a cable with micro USB connector into an ESP8266 board

Ad-hoc sensor network for monitoring transported goods


Design and implementation of a system for monitoring transport goods using self-networking sensor nodes based on TinyOS.

Control software for engraving robots


Programming and commissioning of an engraving robot. Implementation of the control software for the drive. Implementation of special software modules for the engraving actuator. Extension of the software for API and backend communication.

Image recognition software for damage detection


Programming of a software prototype for the detection of damage to smooth surfaces on image media.

Graphical user interface for motor control


Design and implementation of the graphical user interface for the control of three DC motors with gearbox, position encoder and CAN bus interface. Visualisation of the movement and display of operating parameters.

Four-axis CNC control


Extension of the software of a standard CNC control for specialised use with a robot.

Demonstrator for ESC controlled DC motors


Design, programming and commissioning of a demonstrator with Electronic Speed Control (ESC)-controlled brushless motors, a microcontroller-based control unit, WS2812 LEDs and CAN bus communication. Design and optimisation of the software to control the entire system.

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